A talk by David Lepetit

September 17, 2021, 04:00 PM

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About this talk

There's an easy way to get the best of every athletes: the MONEYMIND approach. After many years supporting companies, I observed that managers don't really know who their employees are as a human being, and we all agree that a lot of talents (so a lot of money) are wasted due to this ignorance. The same thing occurs in sports. Coaches know only a few part of their athletes (even if they think the opposite). With the right approach, a behavioral analysis putting the people first, and an easy understandable tool, we can help them to get the best of their athletes, if they really want to know them a little bit deeper.

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30 minutes meeting with David Lepetit

During those 30 minutes, we'll discuss about behavioral analysis, how to quickly improve the talents of athletes, and how to prevent some type of Mental Health Issues. We'll also discuss about how neurosciences are helpful.

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David Lepetit

The better you'll know yourself, the better you'll perform ! I ease the relationships between coaches and players.